Like many of you, I am the daughter of, wife of, mother of and grandmother of. Before retiring, even at work I was known by the tasks I did. I am also known as Mummy Izzy, the Merry Widow, Tilly Tuttleworth, and Mrs. Clause. My name is Janet Lee Durrill and I was born in 1943. While sewing, knitting, and crafts have always been enjoyable, it was a decision in 1990 that created and expanded the world I enjoy today. My youngest daughter, at the age of 13, asked me if she could be a participant of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Thinking it would be a fun experience for her and firmly believing it would only be one year, I said alright. Knowing there would be try outs, costuming, classes and promotional, I decided it would be easier if I did it with her. Would I make the same decision today? In a heartbeat, that decision helped form a sharing bond with my youngest that I wished I had with my oldest daughter, and their brother. It forced me to be more outgoing, expanded my sewing skills, and led me into machine embroidery. Black work done by hand is very time consuming.

It did not take long to learn that most of the embroidery designs I needed would have to be digitized. PE-Design version 2.5 was my starting point. Had no computer, but my oldest daughter said I could come to her house and use hers. Yes, I actually thought that would work. A month later, a new computer came home with me. When I had reached PE-Design version 5, I discovered Generations. In 2010 Floriani Total Control came home with me. I am now teaching digitizing. Teaching is the best way to re enforce what I am learning and help someone else who is starting out.

Always learning is the best way to stay young. Our family motto is, “Nothing happens without a dream”.


Threads Of Time Embroidery


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